Available….French Import

Fury is a jet black Italian Greyhound boy that was imported from France. He was born August 20, 2022, so today, March 17, 2023, he is right at 7 months of age. Fury is a kind and sweet boy, that longs to be someone’s lap pup and bed partner. He has plenty of energy, and is very fun loving, yet, he also loves relaxing and watching television. Fury has been DNA health tested and that is all good, and the results are on the Italian Greyhound Pedigree website as a link provided below for you to view his pedigree and health testing. I guarantee the health of Fury, and he will be neutered at my expense prior to leaving for new home. If you feel that he may be your next canine partner, please contact Jolene via whisperun@aol.com or by telephone or text. I am an AKC breeder of Merit, and I health test all of my dogs. Meanwhile, see pedigree link below and then photos of him. His registered name is Endorphin Skywinds, i.e.: Fury.

CLICK HERE to view the pedigree of Endorphin Skywinds, i.e.: Fury

Photos of Fury: